Club Rides

September 24, 2020 | 6months | General

As Club Chairman I have been actively seeking advice about the resumption of club rides with regards the current  restrictions on social and Group activities. From the advice given by both the Legal Dept at BC and the Police some of whom are both serving officers and cyclists it would appear we can continue to go out in groups of six. There are a few clubs I have witnessed who have interpreted the regulations in this way. Evidently if the meeting point and time is designated then it is a sporting event and not a social event. Cafe stops could be problematic but it would appear from that groups of six can sit together as long as they do not interact with other groups of six.

I know that some may not be comfortable going out  in a group but for those that do we can meet at 9am on a Saturday (Sunday 9.30am) and go out in Groups. I would strongly suggest there are no pre designated ride leaders pre ride and it is up to each group on the route they take and that NO ONE is left on their own.

There is no need for the Senior Section to do a specific RA as long as we comply with the current regulations. The Go Ride section have been already running coaching sessions as can be seen from their FB Page.

I must emphasis that only current paid club members will be allowed on these rides as about 40% of non members have bee turning up until the latest Regulations and we cannot put the reputation of the Club in jeapordy or even leaving us open to a legal challenge.


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