Resumption of Club Rides

April 1, 2021 | 5months | General

Rides will resume in line with current Government Guidelines with the Rule of 6 enforced until further notice. Ride times and dates will be posted on the events page of the website.

Meeting place will be as normal at Regent Metro Station, Gosforth. 9am Saturday and 9.30am Sunday. There will also be additional rides on Good Friday and Easter Monday. Please meet under the Canopy in order to keep a low a profile as possible.

Rides can set off in groups of six maximum and it is advised those taking part ride with those of similar ability.

As there are a number of cafes offering take away services it is advised all are used by the groups and not all congregate at one venue to avoid congestion.

There are serious road works at Kingston Park which are causing long delays so it is advised all groups use Brunton Lane.

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