Membership and Joining

Current Club membership

The current  Membership is 64 Seniors with 105 in the Youth Section making a combined total of 177 with the Youth section representing over 60% of the total membership. Ages range from 4 to mid 70's.The club is a British Cycling Go Ride Club and has also achieved Club Mark status which is the highest award given to clubs who have achieved excellence.
There is no discrimination as to who may join the Club and anyone wishing to join, no matter what level of competence or age will be made most welcome. The club has members around the Country and tries to foster a degree of camaraderie such that when members have to leave the area as a result of their jobs they continue as members. Anyone wishing to join the club should contact the club secretary or turn up at the meeting venue.

Club members now actively participate in all branches of the sport including Road Racing, Time Trialing, Track racing, Triathlon and Duathlon, Sportives and Cyclo-Cross events. There are no set sub divisions and members switch between disciplines. The club is affiliated to all Major organizations and there are always members available to give advice where needed.

The current annual club fees:

  • Seniors - £10
  • Juniors and Youths: Free

Annual fees are due on the 1st of January and are due irrespective of when the initial joining fee is paid in the previous year.  . Payment may be made by cash, cheque, standing order or direct transfer.
Membership renewal is not automatic as those applying must agree to the ethos of the club before being granted membership renewal. Anyone wishing to renew their membership must request said in the first instance.

If you wish to pay by Direct Transfer or set up a Standing Order the account details are: Renewal is not automatic.

Gosforth Road Club
Lloyds Bank
sort 77-20-25
Account 08996868

Members are also required to be either members of British Cycling or CyclingUK for insurance purposes. Bronze membersip of Brtish Cycling is free for first time members.

Paid Membership List

Details available on request to paid members
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