Club Hill Climb 2012

October 15, 2012 | 10years | General

The Youths were the first to tackle the Hill. Josh Reid won the boys event and Eleanor Fletcher won the girls section. Josh set a new boys record and Eleanor set a new girls record. Special mention must also go to Joe Taylor who is only 7 yrs old and managed a time of 12 mins 24 secs.

The senior men's event was won by Nick Spencer for the second year running with an impressive time of  4 mins 17 secs which was 8 seconds slower than his 2011 time. However conditions were tougher on the day. There were also notable performances from Al Young and Rob Shields who both recorded times under 4 mins 35 secs.

The senior women's event was won by Lindy Edwards for the second year running in a time of  5 mins 38 secs.
Youth Results
Eleanor Fletcher 8.45 Youth Female Winner
Erin Riley 9.34
Joe Taylor 12.34
Joseph Kirtley 6.21
Josh Reid 6.07 Youth Male Winner
Katie Coult 10.47
Nyall Horner 9.12
Sam Nicholson 7.06
Sean Rae 7.24
Senior Results
Nick Spencer 4.17 Male Winner
Al Young 4.32
Rob Shields 4.35
Sam Gray 5.13
Lindy Edwards 5.38 Female Winner
David Patrick 5.39
Ethan Delaney 5.41
Andy Woods 5.44
Alex Benn 5.47
Ben Dawson 5.48
Graham Findlater 5.55
Michael Simpson 5.59
Jim Shawcross 6.03
Graeme Dawson 6.06
Clive Rae 6.08
Mark Herbert 6.17
Craig Duffy 6.19
Jack Thompson 6.21
Malcolm Dixon 6.24
Richard Hutchinson 6.26
Michael Clay 6.27
Martin Anderson 6.30
John Byrne 6.37
Simon Horner 6.59
Ozzie Riley 7.01
Paul Dobbie 7.06
Fiona McKenzie 7.06
Tracy Etherington 7.11
Asier De Quadra 7.11
Richard Exley 7.33
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