Structured Training for Road Racing

November 2, 2011 | 11years | General

Wednesday night chain gang starts on Wednesday 9th November at Newburn Business Park.  The first few weeks will be kept relatively easy to get everyone up to speed with riding at close quarters in a group. 
There will be a pre chain gang "school of racing" session from 6.30-7pm throughout November where we will work on group riding skills with BC level 2 coaches on the closed of section at the end of the business park.  I would urge everyone who can make it to attend these sessions as this is an area where we can all improve.  This section is unlit so decent lights are essential for those wanting to take part.For any newcomers a rider information form must be provided which can be found here Thses sessions are aimed at adults in order to improve group riding skills in a safe environment.  Experienced and stronger youth/junior riders are welcome but they must have a parents consent form signed.  Lights and helmets must be used for these sessions and we plan to finish around seven to join the main chain gang so we can put into practice what we have learned.  Tips for those coming to these sessions
Lights are essential for your own safety and those riding with you.  No lights no ride.  If you aren't sure whether your lights are adequate they probably aren't, get some decent ones and make sure you have decent batteries.  Decent lights for lit roads can be bought for £20-30 a set so get along to your local bike shop and get some!
Mudguards are recommended.  We will be riding close to the riders in front on wet/damp roads most of the time so get some mudguards.  There are plenty of mudguards on the market for bikes with limited or no clearance so please get some.  The same goes for clubruns
Dress warmly  and dress brightly.  It gets very cold at night so dress accordingly. It will not be warm enough for shorts!  There will be a few minutes of standing around in the pre chain gang training and the pace will be easy so an extra layer would be a good idea.  Black kit might look cool but you will be virtually invisible in the dark so try and be more conspicuous.
Dont be late!  Be there ready to ride at 6.30 or 7pm for the main chain gang.  If you are not ready at least listen to the pre ride briefing so we all know what is going on, this will make things go much more smoothly.
Any questions feel free to contact me via or on 01661 830618.  Now is the time to start as the plan is to start easy and build up through the winter.  The pre chain gang will run throughout November and again nearer the start of the season for race specific techniques.   If there is snow or icy weather the session is off.
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