World Transplant Games

World Transplant Games

August 22, 2019 | 4years | General

The Club was very honoured to be asked to take these inspirational athletes out for a ride. Guess where we stopped for Coffee and Cake!

There was an amazing turnout for the inaugural World Transplant Games Social Ride! 20 riders from at least 6 different countries came out for a spin around Newcastle and surrounds. Most of those who attended have had life saving transplants, and are celebrating their second chance to life.  After two days of fierce cycling competition, we were very keen to explore. What better way to see the sights of new country than on your bike! We were able to take in the villages and the country side as it whizzed by, and enjoy it in company.

We were very grateful to the Gosforth Road Club for leading this ride. We only see each other every two years, and it was great to take time out from racing to talk and get to know each other. Without our ride leaders guiding us through what were, to an Aussie like myself, winding country roads, this would not have been possible. 

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